Payroll and HR services

We prepare the payroll and payment schedules, as well as employment records.

We help you build and operate the cafeteria system and keep record of the various benefits.


  • Registering entry and exit of employees, completion of forms
  • Data supply to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV)
  • Preparation of settlement with exiting employees and their documents. (Tax forms, Unemployment contribution sheets, Pension contribution certificates, certificates of employment, data supply to the National Tax and Customs Administration)
  • Transferring the completed attendance sheets to the wage system.
  • Recording and calculating monthly changes (wages, allowances and other remunerations)
  • Preparation of the wage transfer file, which might include remittance as well.
  • Full handling of deductions.
  • Handling of private and voluntary pension plans
  • Preparation of payrolls and signatory lists
  • Submission of monthly contributions return via the government gateway
  • Preparation of monthly statistics and reports
  • Preparation of annual personal income tax settlement


  • Our company provides labour-related consultation to business entities, other organizations and sole traders on either an ad-hoc or permanent basis. Our experts assist clients in developing the employment structure that is most suitable for their operation and in keeping pace with the constantly changing rules of taxation and labour law.
  • As part of labour-related activities, we calculate and keep records of holidays, give an expert opinion of employment contracts and contracts of agency and prepare labour force statistics.