About Us


My name is Zsóka KOVÁCS, and I am the CEO of ERAN Business Services. Let me introduce myself and our company in a few words. Our office is one of the companies providing the best quality service in the country because my colleagues and I feel committed to our customers and the industry. We believe that we can provide valuable assistance for our customers, as we are all experts of this field. We are familiar with its ins and outs, because we have been practicing it for a very long time and have experienced it in many ways.

I myself have climbed the career ladder from financial clerk to the position of the CFO. I have worked as an employee and been self employed as well. I have worked for all kinds of enterprises from small, one-man companies to the largest multinational corporation of the world.

I have worked in Hungary and in a number of foreign countries from Canada to China: in Europe, Asia, the Americas and on the African continent as well.

I have founded and managed accountancy and tax advisory companies – the first one at a very young age in 1992 – but later I had other companies to do the book-keeping for my businesses for many years, thus I also know what it is like to be a customer of an accountancy firm.

Large companies

As a chief accountant and finance director, I was responsible for the financial issues of companies such as Porsche Hungária Kft., Colgate-Palmolive Magyarország Kft. and Panasonic Magyarország Kft.

As a senior consultant, I have travelled the world and been involved in reforming the business area of a number of international companies and assisting the accounting, tax, and controlling divisions both in Hungary and abroad, e.g.: Coca Cola (Ireland), Hitachi (Germany), Johnson & Johnson (Belgium), Unilever (UK), Roche (Switzerland), Siemens (China), etc. I carried out similar tasks in Hungary as well, e.g.: Magyar Posta, MVM, Kisalföld Volán etc.

SMEs and start-ups

While I was self-employed, I was responsible for the book-keeping and managing the business matters of many Hungarian start-up companies. As the owner, co-owner or a helper, I have participated in establishing and managing many companies with different activities (e.g. newspaper distribution, import and wholesale of decorative paving, fashion model contest, etc.).

I hope that soon we can welcome you among our satisfied customers!


1061 Budapest

Király street 16. II. floor 234.

Mobile:+36 70 398 2701

E-mail: info@eraneu.com